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F5565 16mm x 8mm x 1.59mm aluminium un-equal angle

Glass Sections


Secciones de vidrio

F6668 Aljminum Tee section 12.5 x 7.75mm
F5573 Division bar to suit 6mm glass / board
F5564 Alumium u channel to suit 6mm glass / board
FUC12 Aluminum winged u channel with 12.5mm inside gap
FUC19 Aluminum u channel 19.05mm x 19.05mm x 1.6mm
FCH28 Aluminium u channel 28mm x 18mm x 28mm
FGAS/CH28 Rubber gasket to suit FCH28
FENDCAP/C-18 Endcap for FCH28 Channel
F5573 Aluminum double u channel 29.97mm x 20.62mm

Mirror Trim

The MirrOtrim option allows for mirrors to be fitter from floor to ceiling.

glass sections.PNG
F5569 Top mirror trim to suit 6mm glass / board


glass sections.PNG
F5572 Bottom mirrr trim to suit 6mm glass / board


F4540 Aluminium u channel to suit 10mm glass / board
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