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Magnetic socket system

Socket System


Sistema de enchufe

35mm Diameter & 14mm Diameter 'Magnetic' socket system

Created as an alternative to the horizontal system and vertical system, the socket system is perfect for minimalist displays. The sockets are available in a matt chrome with the accessories in a brushed chrome finish. 

SSOCKET Aluminum socke 35mm outside diameter to accept magnetic accessories
SMSOCKET Aluminium socket 14mm outside diameter to accept 8mm prong accessories
SSARM Stepped arm 19mm diameter tube
SFARM Forward arm 19mm diameter tube
STARM T arm 19mm diameter tube
SMPRON Prong 8mm diameter
SSHELFPE/C Shoe shelf with foam pads
SSOCKETB/P Fixing plate for SSOCKET
SSHELF Mild steel folder shoe shelf
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